Learn about our success stories. We leave you here a sample of the different fields in which we have worked, so you can see what we are capable of creating.
We take your case to the highest level of professionalism and demand, always achieving the objective that we set ourselves.

Dermatoline & Eva González

To launch the new facial cosmetics firm of the Bolton group, we rely on the model and presenter Eva González as the brand image. It was a success in attendance and media coverage

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency - Camaleon Cosmetics

Ana Guerra and Camaleon Cosmetics

The cosmetics brand made in Spain Camaleon Cosmetics hired the singer Ana Guerra as a brand ambassador. The presentation was one of her first public appearances after leaving the Academy of Operation Triumph. El éxito de la cobertura del evento fue tal que ocasionó rotura de stock de los nuevos colores de sus labiales mágicos.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency - Batiste

Brisa Fenoy & Batiste

For the launch of Batiste’s new range, Hair Benefits, we counted on the singer Brisa Fenoy, who gave a concert in a small committee for the beauty press, blogs and influencers.
That same year, Batiste became the best-selling dry shampoo in Spain.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency - Chilly

Chilly & Sweet California

In recent years, in the first week of March, coinciding with International Women’s Day, we have tried to break taboos in intimate hygiene. In 2018 we hired the youth music group Sweet California to bring intimate hygiene closer to the younger population and create a direct and fun discussion on women’s care.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency - Somatoline

Carlos Moyá and Somatoline

After the success of all the reducing and anti-cellulite products of Somatline Cosmetic among the female public, we hired Carlos Moyá as the image of the men’s product line, to bring the reducing products closer to the names. For 3 consecutive years, the tennis player was the image of the brand.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency - Noelia Lopez

Noelia López & Chilly

We succeeded in assuring that the model Noe López was the advertising image of the firm for several consecutive years in Spain, recording television spots and creating a before and after in the media when talking about intimate hygiene.

Premio T Telva Germinal

Year 2007, the classic Germinal flash effect ampoules were reinvented into wipes and the media exploitation was fantastic, so much so that they won the Oscars for Beauty.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency

T Telva Bio-Oil

In 2012, two months after presenting it at a press conference, a totally new multipurpose product in Spain won the most precious award in the world of beauty.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency

Premio T Telva Somatoline

In 2017 Somatoline won this disputed award thanks to its launch of the year, the first spray format of a reducing product that really works.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency

Premio Correo Farmacéutico OENOBIOL

Pharmaceuticals are the new influencers, so winning a Correo Farmacéutico award gives a lot of credibility to products for sale in the pharmacy channel, such as Oenobiol Autobronceador, which won the award at the 11th Edition of the Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency - Redbull

Red Bull & Felix Baumgartner

With this spectacular jump from the stratosphere of a Red Bull athlete, we achieved more than 9 hours of broadcasting on all television networks in Spain in just one week, where it was always accompanied by the brand’s logo.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency

Presentation 1st Vaccine against Alzheimer's

Communication at a press conference obtaining maximum media coverage in national and international mediums.

Gala estrella Michelin en The Ritz-Carlton, Abama

Travel with the general and gastronomic national press to cover the Michelin Gala 2017 and get to know The Ritz-Carlton, Abama hotel.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency

Creation of an Avatar on Antena3 News

Technology has gone one step further. We present at a digital press conference what it means to have an avatar and we manage the creation of a 3D avatar of an Antena 3 journalist almost in real time. “It is no longer known who is the real one and who is the avatar.”

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency - Nutriben

Launch of the new Red Bull Organics

Implement a new category of drinks in the ‘top of mind’ of the population: organic soft drinks. We got great media coverage and held an event for influencers with Paco Roncero.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency

Inauguration of tabernas perretxiCo in Madrid

The doors of one of the most recognized taverns in Vitoria were opened in Madrid and through press events and personalized invitations to leaders of gastronomic influence, we managed to turn it into a benchmark among the press.

Kohl Agencia Comunicación - PR Agency - Nutriben

Nanas Nutribén

We presented in an intimate event with children’s media (press, blogs and influencers) the new lullabies created by Funambulista for Nutribén and we talked about the importance of music therapy in babies.

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